Discovering Your You
A life coaching service that will help you become a better version of your you, a better HUMAN.


My services are tailored to help guide your ‘you’ into a more successful, positive self-aware, realistic self, a better version of yourself, a better you, a better HUMAN.

  • Positive Guidance Through Life
  • Goal-setting
  • Personal Growth
  • All aspects of Relationship help
  • All aspects of Career Help


Targeting and replacing negative setbacks in your life with positive actions, and goals. This will be necessary for a more positive, productive future for your ‘you’.

Positive goals are implemented in order for you to become a better you. Taking the right steps towards what you will need to attain a greater fulfillment in improving relationships, careers, and day-to-day strategies.

Meet Sophia

Learn to live your reality.

“Discovering Your You was created to help people find themselves in this world that I was once lost in. We often get lost throughout time, and forget who we are. I will help you discover who you are, and where you belong in this world of unknowns. I’m here to help guide you to a better self and better future all while discovering your you.”
-Sophia Johnson, Discovering Your You

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